Is Passion Enough? Establishing a Path to our Dream Career

We all dream to be able to find something that we are passionate about and turn it into our career. Unfortunately for most of us, the things we are passionate about and the things that we are good at don’t always merge as well as we would hope; at least not at first glance. Luckily, if we look a little deeper, the dream still lives.

I’m sure while you’ve been on the Kitestring Ventures website, you have noticed (and hopefully read) the ‘About’ page. If you have, you’ll know that I briefly mention how this blog serves not only as a way for me to communicate my thoughts and document my nomadic life as a Kitesurf Instructor/’Seasonnaire’, but will also serve as a tool to guide me toward my goal; to create my own business through which I will share my passions with other people.
It only seems fitting that my first blog post should make the first step toward this goal.

If we invest a little time into reviewing our own skill sets, we will often find that our passions and our skills are compatible. While we may not necessarily be looking at the ultimate dream, a little alteration to our perspective with regard to our strongest skills will likely leave us with an opportunity that is pretty amazing.
Since this is my blog, I’ll turn to my own personal situation to serve as the example, albeit in a basic fashion.
My greatest passions are Kitesurfing, Travelling and Teaching. I could then say that my dream is to travel the world competing in the world tour; this would be an example of a dream but an inadequate skill set. Whilst I am a decent Kitesurfer; I am not, at this time, on par with the pros.
Now if I factor in my strengths along with my passions I quickly find that more attainable options are available to me. My strengths as a coach, my leadership and hosting skills combined with my passions for Kitesurfing Travelling and Teaching lead me to an amazing opportunity; to create a Kitesurfing orientated Travel agency/ Tour operator service providing links to schools and camps for people learning to kitesurf and providing guided holidays and discipline specific coaching clinics to existing kitesurfers. Now that’s a very appealing career and one which I endeavor to create.

As I work towards this goal, I will dive deeper into my self critique and assess the ways in which I utilise my strengths. To do so I will have to answer the following questions; feel free to apply these to your own situation:

– What skills have helped you thrive? Have you had to overcome any obstacles? What skills did you utilise to do so?

– What makes you stand out? What skills or habits differentiate you from your peers? Often, other people will notice these differences more than you do – have you noticed that people tend to compliment something that you do?

– What does your dream career require? What obstacles will you be facing? Do you have enough to offer? Are your strengths enough? Can you work upon or outsource your areas of weakness?

– Is it the correct time to make the leap? Are your expectations realistic?

It’s time to embrace the learning curve, I think I’m going to enjoy this.


Do you agree/ disagree with anything I’ve said? Do you have anything to add? Please comment below to have your say.