Hi, thanks for visiting my blog!
I’m Jennifer Bell-Taylor (Jen), creator of this website, and BKSA Senior Level Kitesurfing Instructor. I’ve been traveling the world since 2012 using my profession, teaching Kitesurfing, as my primary source of income allowing me to travel. I like to call it my ‘Kitestring Budget’.
My passions are Travelling, Teaching, Kitesurfing and Snowboarding and it is my goal to establish a business in which I can introduce and share my passions with more and more people.
After 3 years of travelling I finally created this website to document my pursuits and hopefully use it as a tool to develop other aspects of my journey.
Expect to see a candid account of my experiences. I’m not here to tell you life’s always wonderful just because you’re elsewhere… Though most of the time life just doesn’t get better.
I hope you enjoy the blog. Don’t forget to comment, like and share.